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All of us in the social good/sustainability communications realm got here out of a desire to deliver messages that could make a difference. Here at Public Address, we all dove in head first either full-time or on a freelance basis from various perches – cinematographers and directors entrenched in images that sell, news media producers, […]

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In a World That Watches

At a time when everybody wants to be a storyteller, good stories matter more.  Stories can shake things up. They can create a shift, change a moment, a day, an attitude, a philosophy, a purchase decision, a life. Consumers want stories. They want good stories. They want a reason to care, to connect, to laugh. […]

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Get Good at SXSW 2015

Although South by Southwest (SXSW) has long been one of the most progressive and eclectic of progressive conferences/festivals, once upon a time, even this event was advertised by sticking flyers to walls with thumb tacks. In 1987, it’s inaugural year, it was a conference dedicated to music and “other forms of alternative media”. Today, it […]

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