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Get Good at SXSW 2015

Although South by Southwest (SXSW) has long been one of the most progressive and eclectic of progressive conferences/festivals, once upon a time, even this event was advertised by sticking flyers to walls with thumb tacks. In 1987, it’s inaugural year, it was a conference dedicated to music and “other forms of alternative media”. Today, it […]

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At a time when our natural resources are on a steady and fairly rapid decline, doing well by doing good is becoming a necessity for corporations where sustainability is concerned. While do-gooding under the corporate umbrella is usually proclaimed through CSR and cause-marketing campaigns, sustainable practices are becoming built-in beacons that loom in the background […]

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Shed A Little Light

One Million Lights and Energizer SA partnered to ensure that 7,000 South African school children made their way out of the dark. Lights were delivered in July by a group of dedicated young volunteers to give children and teens like Nomvelo Npungose a better chance.  Nomvelo Npungose is a smart, outwardly joyful 18 year-old girl living in […]

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