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The Sustainable Food Conundrum

What happens when consumers hold the course, using their purchasing powers for good…food? Big food conglomerates listen. And, the sustainable food movement braces itself. Googling sustainable food, sustainable agriculture, and related movements can make the average consumer want to bury their head in the dirt next to the free range, grass fed, certified humane, certified […]

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Shed A Little Light

Shed a Little Light By: Jamie Penn One Million Lights and Energizer SA partnered to ensure that 7,000 South African school children made their way out of the dark. Lights were delivered in July by a group of dedicated young volunteers to give children and teens like Nomvelo Npungose a better chance.  Nomvelo Npungose is a smart, […]

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Everybody’s Doing it at Collectively

“The younger generations think differently, we understand the world as a sort of a global system. It’s all interconnected.” Surely there are a few from every generation who tote their own reusable bags to the store each trip, donate to their favorite charity regularly, innovate world-changing ideas, and design their lives and work to meet the […]

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