And, yes. It’s really all that.

The most coveted camera on the market, just got more coveted. The famed Alexa XT (think: RevanantBrooklyn, The Martian) has evolved.

Arri shipped the first Alexa SXT this week. And, we’re stoked.

It’s predecessor, the Alexa XT, had one glaring downfall – it’s inability to shoot in ProRes 4k HD. Problem solved. Now with pro-res 4K recording, seven additional recording formats, and 3 separate outputs, not only is image-quality higher (hard to believe), but versatility and shooting capability have also been taken to a new level.

The individually configurable one-outs (in addition to the viewfinder output) are a huge plus. And, I’m really loving the on set ‘look management’ feature. This resolves a lot of potential issues in post.

A big thanks to Dan Chung and the guys at News Shooter for laying it all down for us here:

Newsshooter at IBC 2016: ARRI Alexa SXT with Bill Bennett ASC from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The SXT is trickling out, but as soon as it finds its way to rentals nearby, it will be in our hands, and on set. Jumping on a list now at your favorite rental house is highly recommended!

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