What is a brand anthem video?  You know it when you see it. It’s the Nike commercial that makes you feel like you could do anything, that there are no limits. It’s the liquor commercial that reminds you that we’re all in this together, that America is awesome. It’s the big box grocery store video that has gone viral and makes you feel like you’d never shop anywhere else, because they get how precious our planet is, how committed we are to nurturing our children. It says nothing about what the brand sells, but everything about what the brand stands for, why it exists.

Brand Anthem Videos are the latest, greatest thing for a really good reason. People want companies and organizations to care, to add value in the bigger picture, and who they buy from or support can be determined by how they ‘feel’ about a brand. We, as citizens and as people, want to be reminded that the values that we hold dear and believe in are being heard and upheld by the brands and organizations that run things.


What Matters

You’re selling who you are, not what you make.

We’re including both organizations (nonprofits, NGOs, foundations) and corporations in this discussion, because both are selling something – products that require purchase, or ways to make a difference that must be backed by funds.

Every brand stands for something. The problem is, they don’t often stop selling long enough to communicate it, or even to identify it. After all, selling is what advertising and marketing is all about, right? Traditionally, yes…but, the climate has been shifting for quite a while now. Brand values and brand responsibility have become almost as important to consumers as what a brand sells. Adding value and authentic storytelling leads to consumer buy-in.

An anthem is the champion of brand advertising. It takes it a leap further. The idea behind an anthem is that getting to the heart of who you are, what you stand for, and what your brand adds to people’s lives and the planet can be your best seller.

It’s the truth.

Telling the truth is probably the most important aspect of a brand anthem video. Your team has to believe that the message you’re delivering is actually the core of who your brand is, the fabric of its foundation. It has to be real to be remembered.


Your audience is emotional.

It’s what makes us human. When we’re emotionally impacted, we tend to remember the cause – the situation or story line. Inspiration drives good action, and we all want to be inspired. What inspires your audience? What do they need to hear from you to continue to forge ahead, pick up the phone, be more open, or go out and explore?


Your brand has heart. This is how things begin. When you revisit that original drive, the mission your brand was built on, and show that it’s still thriving and delivering, people will listen. Your brand is always in a position to inspire new beginnings, and positive action. And, when it does so, in an artful and inspiring way, your efforts won’t go unnoticed.


The RGN (Really Good News) on ROI

Brand anthems don’t have to break the bank.

You can get a pretty killer brand anthem video for 50k, depending on the concept. Being willing to spend a little more here, though, can make all the difference. Skimping on your brand anthem is like skimping on your mission statement. It will show.

An anthem video lasts.

While brand anthems aren’t always timeless, their shelf life is pretty substantial. Most brand anthems run for a minimum of two years.

Talk about conversions.

Brand Anthems can convert the average consumer to a brand advocate in a matter of seconds. And, that advocate can easily and quite quickly share your content with millions, some of which will also become advocates. And, we don’t need statistics to tell us that brand advocates are a really good thing.

Keep in mind that anthem videos are for everyone and every purpose – to build your consumer base, to speak to donors and investors, and to fortify your team. So, be sure your anthem reflects that.

Want to attract the best employees just like all of your competitors? Anthem videos can be great supporting evidence for why a prospective employee should choose to represent your brand.

Just Do It

When you get to the heart of who you are, and express your commitment to the greater good, your audience will listen. For a very long time. Go the extra mile this year. Make a brand anthem video they won’t forget.


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