Our 2017 Highlight Reel

We were pretty blown away by 2016. Discontent was palpable. A segment of the population, in some ways the backbone of our nation, felt ignored and ridiculed. The working and middle class rose up against the establishment, the media and what they saw as the elitist left.

These working, largely well-intentioned folks refused to be ignored any longer, so they chose an extreme and unlikely presidential candidate who promised to restore pride in who they were and the national identity that they represent.

As persuaders, influencers and marketers, we need to focus our messages on the values and sentiments that we all share, ones that reach across that divide, that give us a shared emotional experience.

For our most recent highlight reel we wanted to do a couple of things – one, send out some of our favorite footage and two, tell a story about who we are in this country, where we’ve come from, and the reality we’re grateful for. Brands will need to spend some time here in order to succeed. We’re here to help.

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