We recently realized that of all the brand anthem spots we’ve produced, we’ve never actually made our own. And, for many reasons, now seemed like a good time to do it.

Anthems denote what’s at the core of a brand. And, ‘Out Here’ gets at the core of us. It communicates our values. We believe in an America that always has been and always will be – workers, shop-owners, adventurers, lovers, survivors, protectors, defenders.

Brand anthem videos are in high-demand for a reason. Audiences are increasingly more aware of who they’re buying from and what brands stand for. And, the brands consumers tend to choose is often determined by how they ‘feel’ about a company. We, as citizens and as people, want to be reminded that the values that we hold dear and believe in for the greater good are being heard and upheld by the brands and organizations that run things.

It’s as important that your audience believes in you as it is for them to believe you. Having great products that are really that great isn’t always enough. When consumers feel like a brand is on their side, they’re more likely they are to support it. Consumers want your story to be true, but they also want it to be impactful. ‘Out Here’ is our truth, and our story. What’s yours?

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Directed and photographed by Gary Breece;  Written by Jamie Penn;  Editing and Post Production by Gary Breece and Jonathan Edwards;  Additional photography by Joe Arcidiacono and Dean Mitchell;  Music by Jon Luc Hefferman; Voice by Sean Shaw.

Project categories: Commercials & PSAs, Featured Videos

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