“Out Here”: 2017 Highlight Reel

Directed and Photographed by Gary Breece; Written by Jamie Penn; Edited by Gary Breece and Jesse Andrus; Additional Photography by Joe Arcidiacono, Dean Mitchell and David Azor; Music by Jon Luc Hefferman; Voice by Sean Shaw

Why Out Here?

We were pretty blown away by 2016. Discontent was palpable. A segment of the population, in some ways the backbone of our nation, felt ignored and ridiculed. The working and middle class rose up against the establishment, the media and what they saw as the elitist left. These working, largely well-intentioned folks refused to be ignored any longer, so they chose an extreme and unlikely presidential candidate who promised to restore pride in who they were and the national identity that they represent.

It’s unlikely you’d see the majority of people in this country in a skyscraper or office building. And, there are probably more people spending their free time in church, in a local diner or on porches with friends and neighbors than in yoga studios or cafés.

These are the people that our media tends to leave out. And, these are the folks that have proven that they’ll go to extremes to get the attention and respect they deserve. If we want to offer the full story, if companies and organizations want to communicate with this segment of the population, they need to start connecting with them.

For our most recent highlight reel we wanted to do a couple of things – one, send out some of our favorite footage and two, tell a story about a population we’re fascinated by and grateful for. These are the people we’ve come to understand – their sacrifices, their ethics and their effort. And, we can help you reach them.

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