Maine Magazine: This Is How It’s Done

Directed, photographed and edited by Gary Breece; Written by Jamie Penn; Music by Stephen Bellm; Narrated by Asa Pingree

 Searching, For Real: Maine Lobstermen

We scouted midcoast Maine by bike for four days, hoping to intimately connect to the place people swear is magic. It totally worked.

We were on a quest for both beauty and authenticity. And, in a place that’s frozen much of the year, and still one of the most popular spots in the world to visit, we thought it would be a good start. ‘What you see is what you get’ is practically the state’s motto. There’s no time for pretentiousness in people, the landscape, architecture, form, etc. in Maine.  And, when we were finally lucky enough to meet a few lobster fishermen, we saw authenticity in a light we could never have otherwise. This is how it’s done up there, and that’s why we’ll be back.


**Special thanks to Matt Rice, Andrew Morley, and Corey and Brian Pottle – the lobster fishermen that made all this happen. And, to Rodney Eason, invaluable connector, and CEO of Mt. Desert Land and Garden Preserve.

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