OFF ROUTE: Patrick McFarland

Five years ago, Patrick had the life many of us aspire to, holding a secure, upper-level position at a major consulting company. However, he did not find joy in this daily grind; rather, he felt stuck.

Seeing his coworkers so driven to climb the ladder, Peter realized that he would never draw their same sense of fulfillment through corporate work. Rather, he found excitement in disconnecting from his routine and reconnecting to the natural world.

His desire to explore the unseen was fueled by his lifelong love of motorcycles, and he made a plan that involved a long term cross-country motorcycle trip that would take him out west. After finding a piece of land across the country that would afford him the freedom to pursue his passions, Patrick took the plunge. With the swoosh of an email, Patrick resigned from his prestigious job and dove headfirst into the unknown.

“There’s a risk to changing your life, but there’s a bigger risk in not at least trying” he said.

After his resignation, Patrick fulfilled his plan to take a 6+ month motorcycle trip down to the Southernmost tip of South America and then moved from a city of 1.2 million to the town of Murphy, Idaho where the population is 97. Now, he owns a gun company and quenches his thirst for adventure by completing cross-country motorcycle rides, base jumping, and even paragliding straight into his own backyard. His appetite for exploration pushes him to break boundaries and set new goals, going off route to discover the joy in the unknown.

“I used to ask myself ‘how far can I go?’” He said. “And now I ask myself: ‘where can I get to?’”

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