Directed and Photographed by Gary Breece, Written by Jamie Penn and Gary Breece, Edited by Bradley Hoegl and Gary Breece, Music by Jon Luc Hefferman, Additional Photography by Bobby Sorich, Production Coordinators: Jamie Penn, Katie Jo Myers, Bobby Sorich, Evan Niccum

We’ve all felt it…trapped by what people think we should do, by artificial connectivity, and by a societal definition of success. And, the need to cut the cord is becoming more prominent and more widespread. The more digitally connected we become, the thirstier most of us get for actual connection – to the land around us and to each other. And, possibly as a result of the digital age, the rebel demographic is becoming both less specific and less predictable.

This is the path that Off Route and Proceed to the Route explores – people breaking free and the benefits therein. We follow people who go left when everyone else would go right, travelers who follow an inner compass rather than a smartphone, and those who continuously turn down the road less travelled. We want to take an intimate look at how this perspective is brought to light, where it leads and when and how it’s valuable.

Proceed to the Route communicates the sense of urgency, conflict and fortitude that comes with the decision to part from convention, as well as our inherent need to cling to it. As a brand, The Off Route series was created to get to the underlying point of the unconventional life for each traveler we document. What does it change? Is this what it means to fully find yourself? Is it an escape? Stay tuned.



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