Edarbi Testimonial: Shane

Edarbi Testimonial Help Save Lives

The pharmaceutical industry gets a bad wrap. But, saving lives, and increasing the quality of life for millions of people is kind of important. Edarbi and Edarbyclor are responsible for dramatically changing the day-to-day for patients with high blood pressure. Many Edarbi patients have been inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle after getting just a taste of what freedom from the daily fear and discomfort that comes with a chronic condition feels like. Shane’s story tells it all. See more Edarbi testimonials here.

Shane’s story was staged in Wilmington, NC, in order to avoid infringing on his and others’ privacy in his own place work. Only ‘real’ talent was used, meaning people who actually worked in the locations or frequented them as patrons. The video aired in Doctors’ office waiting areas on online. Special thanks to Dixie Grill and Jacobi Warehouse for lending their space; and to several employees who jumped in to help!


Project categories: Commercials & PSAs, Web Video

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