We’re message people. We help companies and organizations spread the good word, better.

Public Address System is a system of professionals, freelancers, and resources. We’re filmmakers, producers, writers, editors, cinematographers steeped in the world of the film industry, PR firms and ad agencies. We’ve come together with a mission in mind.

We think ‘good’ video content deserves superior treatment. So, we’ve set out to add value to shared value campaigns and social good/sustainability efforts by increasing the return on CSR, cause-related, and mission-driven marketing. Our videos successfully spread clients’ good messages across their consumer base and beyond through storytelling that resonates years beyond the life of the campaign.

We believe, no matter the message, that the crowded stream of video content needs a dose of reality. So, we go out and find it, capture it, re-create it. We take authenticity to a new level through a studied and proven process we’ve created that delivers reality to the screen. The process connects viewers to the message in a way that manufactured images can’t. Because, after all, real can be really good.

We believe that companies do well by doing good, and that they do increasingly better when they spread their positive impact via authentic content. The play button dominates in  the current media climate. And, quality reigns. So here we are, to tell our clients’ “good” stories, better.


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