As most camera junkies already know, revolutionary camera manufacturer, Red, released the even more epic, Epic-W and the Weapon last week.

The price points vary quite a bit despite the fact that each of the camera brains are similar in design and boast a Helium sensor with 8K capture. The primary differentiating factor (a big one), is that the Weapon shoots more than twice as fast. So, for those who choose to go this direction, the 20k difference could shake out in additional profits. After all, time is money.

The 30K cost of the Epic-W, with the Weapon at 50K, might feel manageable to most professionals. It’s important to remember, though, that Red’s camera series is pieced out, so everything is sold separately, including lens mount and lots of other accessories.

While additional lenses and endless accessories can get pricey, Red’s system makes the Epic-W and Weapon much more versatile and highly customizable.

Red’s Epic-W promo video (serious camera porn) shows off the intricate detail achieved even in limited lighting. The Helium Sensor is a super-star in low light situations resolving an incredible amount of detail.


If you’re ready to get into the Red System, the Epic-W is a great place to start.

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