As part of it’s “Now That’s Positivenergy” CSR campaign, Energizer has undertaken an initiative to distribute solar lights to families throughout the world who lack access to electricity.  Currently there are over 1.6 billion people in the world living without electric power. Energizer and its non-profit partner, One Million Lights, have pledged to distribute 11 million solar light hours, enabling children to study at night and adults to extend their workday, all while eliminating carbon emissions and improving household health. Public Address System was chosen to tell this story, documenting the initiatives’ first delivery in rural Argentina.


“It was an honor to be a part of this effort,” says Gary Breece, Executive Producer and Director at Public Address System. “We applaud what Energizer is doing to help kids around the world, and we think the new ‘Positive Energy’ campaign is very smart, especially how it combines corporate responsibility and product performance under one banner.”

Gary continued, “The filming of this project had its challenges. We we’re working with a small budget, a film crew of only two people, and a very limited timeframe. Energizer didn’t want to disturb the children’s school day any more than was absolutely necessary, so we really only had one day with the kids to capture all our footage.  But I think we were able to get a lot out of the short time we had.  Our experience with international work in remote locations has taught us how to get a lot of production value while working with a small crew and equipment package.”

Energizer delivers light to children in need

Public Address System commends this and other Energizer CSR efforts, and feels this was an ideal way for them to tell their story. By bringing their stakeholders face to face with the beneficiaries of this program, Energizer is sure to have a campaign that will resonate with people and meet with great success.





Jamie Penn is a purposeful marketing strategist, mother of three, a writer, and a social media junkie. She was an environmentalist before it was cool; loves mothering, writing, travel and food; refuses to follow recipes; and voraciously researches, writes about, and assists in video production for the companies consumers trust.

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